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Hello, everyone, Cai Xukun, I think everyone is already very familiar with it. Some time ago, some black fans were always in black Cai Xukun, which led to Kun Kun becoming a hot spot. Media from all walks of life were hot one after another. In order to gain "eyeballs" and not verify its accuracy, they hurriedly posted articles. Recently, netizens found that in all kinds of news about Cai Xukun, the age and birthplace did not match, and there were different opinions. How old should Cai Xukun be? Today we will sort it out.

In our country, on formal occasions, what we call the legal age should be calculated according to the solar calendar, that is, what we call the age of one. A certain degree gives Cai Xukun's personal information profile, and we take this as the standard to stroke it.

, because they all wanted to rub against Cai Xukun's heat, everyone used their magic powers one after another to look for all kinds of information about Cai Xukun from birth to the present. In 2012, Cai Xukun participated in the program "Up, Youth", marking the beginning of his official entry into the entertainment circle. According to 2012, 2012-1998=14, which should be 14 years old. In the program, Cai Xukun introduced himself as 13 years old. In January 2014, Cai Xukun participated in and sang songs in the never-ending grassroots Spring Festival Gala jointly organized by Greater China Network Television, Superstar Pictures, Zhifu Alliance International Group and Hong Kong Micro Film and Television Club. If calculated according to 2014 at that time, 2014-1998=16, the age should be 16 years old. After a search on the Internet, the whole story was 14 years old, and the editor was speechless.

Grassroots Spring Festival Gala stills

say, we can forgive if we are younger. After all, who doesn't like to be younger, but if we are older, what the hell is it and show maturity? In 2015, Cai Xukun participated in the variety show "Star Moving Asia", which introduced that Cai Xukun was 18 years old. Calculated by 2015, 2015-1998=17, it should be 17 years old. Is this program calculated by virtual years? In an article on the Internet in 2018, it was introduced that Cai Xukun was 16 years old, and his mathematics was really not good. How should this be calculated three years ago? Don't we know that Cai Xukun participated in "Star Moving Asia" twice?

talk about his birthplace. According to the introduction on the Internet, Cai Xukun was born in Zhejiang Province, Hunan Province, and grew up in Shenzhen. In the "Star Moving Asia" program, Cai Xukun was introduced as a native of Hunan. Well, maybe the program is talking about Kun Kun's native place. This is not the point. The point is that in a report on the Internet, the same article has two paragraphs and the same person has two birthplaces, we can't understand.

editor believes that while stars are highly popular, there must be a lot of black powder and nc powder. News should not only be "eyeball theory", but should be true and rational. Kun Kun himself has no black spots, and his comprehensive strength is also very good. As a newcomer who has just turned his 20 s, he is not anxious, can settle down to make his own original works and fully participate in all aspects of the song, without being under the pressure of the outside world, he has also shown his value and ability to all walks of life. What do you think?

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