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Zhejiang Satellite TV's "Run 9" came to Hainan this Friday to start the "Food Defense War" tour. Li Chen, Yang Ying, Zheng Kai, Sha Yi, Cai Xukun, Huang Xuxi, Song Yuqi, together with the guests Wang Jiaer, Zhang Zhehan, Xu Kai, Dong Sicheng, in order to protect the food, they launched a contest of wisdom and strength. Under many challenges, can they successfully complete the task of defending the food?

"Primitive Tribe" small theater staged, wisdom and strength compete

this program opens in the form of a "small theater": a long time ago, Yang Ying and Song Yuqi were the leaders of two "matrilineal tribes", and the former led the "wisdom tribe", the latter leads the "power tribe". One day, a group of strange men came to the island to steal food. What changes will they bring to the island?

Protecting food, saving food, and never extravagance and waste are the purpose of this program. All guests must choose a team to "fight" in order to defend the food on the island ". Why did Zheng Kai and Cai Xukun choose the wisdom team without hesitation? Sha Yi claims to have 90% wisdom, why makes everyone laugh?

Why did Song Yuqi, the captain of the strength team, say that he would go to the wisdom team? Wang Jiaer just arrived at the power team and wanted to quit? How will Dong Sicheng, who is new here, choose? Which team will Li Chen, the "big black cow" who thinks his strength and wisdom coexist, choose in the end?

In order to protect the food, all the staff worked hard to challenge the limit.

As we all know, food is not easy to come by. In order to protect food, guests will face many tests. In the "see who hides fast" game, Sha Yi's "turtle fairy" looks like a native primitive tribe "natives". Can he avoid the quick capture? Why did Zhang Zhehan say that "the wisdom team met a group of barbarians"? Wang Jiaer carried the camera directly. Can he help the power team win?

On the high-altitude transparent glass viewing platform, the members of the men's running team conducted the "Brave Heart relay race". The losing team has to accept the "cliff swing" challenge. In a scream, Huang Xuxi quickly burst the balloon, Cai Xukun ran to the finish line, Xu Kai non-stop cleaning the ground, can they avoid cruel punishment? In the end, which warrior accepted the challenge of "cliff swing", can he survive bravely? Who is better than the wisdom team or the strength team to protect more food?

The program team will also go to the "Rice National Park". Due to the unique climatic conditions in the south of Sanya, this is a valuable national agricultural research platform. Academician Yuan Longping once developed super hybrid rice here. The men's running team will come to the Hesha Cool Plaza. The buildings here depict the scene of Academician Yuan Longping's "Hesha Cool Dream" in the shape of rice. As soon as they enter here, everyone can't help but be excited, what shocking and heart-warming images will they witness?

Everything will be presented 20:20 tonight. Following Zhejiang Satellite TV's new season of "Run 9", there will be a "food defense war" on Hainan Island to pay tribute to the food industry workers!

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