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With the arrival of summer vacation season, Taiwan dragon fruit from Changxin Family Farm in Shangyi Town, Zijin County, Heyuan City has entered the mature season one after another. Painted into a unique harvest picture of the hometown of Lingnan.

Greater China Network TV Station, one enterprise and one product column, today came to Shangyi Town, Zijin County, Heyuan City. Ms. Wen Jing, a female entrepreneur, visited her business and saw her from five years, from nothing to today's big business, bringing Taiwan's red dragon fruit to Shangyi Town for planting. After a lot of efforts in the planting process, many unsuitable fruits have changed all the planting and turned into a better original Taiwan red dragon fruit.
the strong, beautiful and red shell of dragon fruit on
farm, the red skin is like a person's moral character, and it is red heart from the inside to the outside, just like the red in the era of Chairman Mao when the people's Republic of China was founded, with red as the base, like the red sun. Therefore, after the introduction of our dragon fruit from Taiwan, it has all become a good life of a Communist Party from the surface to the inside.

we came to Ms. Wen Jing's house, we saw that she was very loving and saw her help the disabled and promote the new trend of the disabled. We should care for the disabled. We should not only care about the society when we make money, but also give back to the society and care for the disabled. We should pay special attention to the disabled. Because today's disabled people do not have these things as soon as they are born. Maybe he is still in a car accident or unwilling to become a disabled person. Therefore, this is the pain of the disabled. We should give care, warmth, love and new hope for their new life. Therefore, we entrepreneurs not only make money, but also care about the next generation, the disabled and the needs of all sectors of society, for example, disabled people in schools and so on.

Wen Jing, a female entrepreneur, she settled here, because she was not here at first. She used to work in Huizhou Pharmaceutical Company. However, in response to the call of President Xi, she went back to the countryside to be the leader of the countryside. Therefore, she never planted land and came to her husband's village. She started from scratch and not only brought dragon fruit from Taiwan, she also raised chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons and other agricultural and sideline products, so her industry is very large.

, the feng shui here is very good and the environment is very beautiful, so every time we come to her, we can eat very delicious agricultural and sideline products that we have never eaten before. They really taste very good and are different from other places. Pitaya is also sweet and refreshing to eat, and it melts at the mouth, feeling spontaneously. So today, we first came to her to promote how she developed the enterprise and how to drive the rural enterprises. Now she has joined our one enterprise, one product column, and she will be the host in the future, and she will do publicity in the future, so as to promote their agricultural and sideline products in Zijin County of Heyuan City and nearby counties, counties and villages through her publicity!

is also promoted through our Greater China Network TV Station. Our one enterprise, one product column takes everyone to every village, every brand, and the agricultural and sideline products produced to follow up and report on the spot, so that everyone can know that we can eat safe agricultural and sideline products and share them with you. Thank you!

In recent years, Heyuan City has made use of local resources to vigorously develop characteristic industries, and the "agricultural and sideline product economy" has helped farmers increase their income and become rich.

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