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Honghualing Revolutionary Park 2021 Qingming Festival

In order to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs and in accordance with the "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission" proposed by President Xi Jinping, the leading group for the renovation of Honghualing Stone Field by the old soldiers in the east vertical border was 10 on the morning of 4 4, 2021: 30 held a commemorative event in Honghualing Park to celebrate the 73 anniversary of the Honghualing Blocking Battle (Qingming Festival).

In 8, on 3 ,, 1948, the Honghualing blockade was the largest and cruelest battle in Shenzhen. Li Qunfang, head of the East First and Second Regiment, and Ye Yuan, political commissar, personally commanded the battle. More than 260 people and the enemy more than 2600 people fought bloody battles all day, killing the enemy more than 300 people, and our army sacrificed more than, the victory of this blocking battle protected the personnel of the headquarters and the safe transfer of commander Yin Linping and political commissar, completely smashed the enemy's second "clean-up" plan for the, and our army won the final victory in the battle.

this Qingming Festival invited the leaders of the National Health Commission and the veterans of the East Longitudinal Border, the veterans who participated in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the veterans who participated in the Honghualing Barrier War and still alive, the descendants of the veterans who participated in the Honghualing Barrier War, and representatives of the two veterans participated. Many old revolutionaries and veterans may have a bright head and face, more than sixty years old, but they are all fully dressed, valiant, hale and hearty, and the military momentum remains the same.

After the worship activities, many veterans and old revolutionaries gathered together to complain about their friendship.

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