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In the past two days, some closures and control areas in Huzhou, Quzhou, Jiaxing and other places in Zhejiang have been unblocked one after another. The relevant local departments acted quickly to control epidemic prevention and production, and promote the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner.

From 8:00 a.m. on March 25th, Zhili Town, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province lifted the control and resumed normal epidemic prevention measures, and many children's clothing companies resumed production and operation one after another. It is necessary to not only focus on epidemic prevention, but also help merchants seize the golden period of summer children's clothing sales. According to the actual needs of enterprises, the local area will centrally kill all export goods and deliver them uniformly. At present, more than 14,000 children's clothing enterprises in Zhili Town have all resumed work and production.

At present, many enterprises in Quzhou High-tech Industrial Park have resumed work and production. In order to meet the logistics and transportation needs of key enterprises, multiple local departments have set up special classes to establish green logistics channels.

In addition, affected by the epidemic, many enterprises in Chongfu Town, Tongxiang have implemented closed-loop control. In order not to affect the progress, the local area actively provided services such as vegetables, fruits and epidemic prevention materials for the employees of the company to ensure that production would not stop.

In the workshop of this company in Dushangang Town, Pinghu, in order to promote the company's resumption of work, a special class was also set up locally to help the company implement normalized epidemic prevention measures.

Jin Lindi, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Pinghu Dushan Port Economic Development Zone: set up a comprehensive coordination team, a data review team, an on-site review team, and a work resumption inspection team. operation to ensure that enterprises can resume work in a standardized and orderly manner.

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