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In order to ensure the normal life of citizens during the epidemic, many departments such as agriculture and commerce in Shenyang, Liaoning actively organized the supply of goods and smoothed the distribution channels. The reporter visited a number of wholesale markets and fresh food supermarkets in Shenyang and saw that the current residents' "vegetable baskets" are rich in varieties and sufficient in supply.

In Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, the industrial combination of "farmers + fresh food distribution companies" is building a supply chain from "field to table". Laisheng Village is a characteristic village of facility agriculture, producing about 100,000 kilograms of vegetables every day. The reporter saw in the processing workshop of an agricultural fresh food distribution center in Laisheng Village that the fresh vegetables sent by the surrounding farmers had undergone preliminary processing here, and were soon packaged and distributed to the large supermarkets in the city.

Zhang Di, the person in charge of a fresh food distribution center in Shenyang: All the dishes of our company are purchased from nearby farmers, and then we distribute them to supermarkets in the city. During the epidemic, the problem of selling vegetables, on the other hand, guaranteed the market supply.

In a vegetable and fruit wholesale market in Shenyang, the reporter saw that the market is operating normally, and the vegetables entering the market have undergone strict inspection and quarantine.

The reporter visited many large fresh food supermarkets in Shenyang and saw that the supply of various daily necessities such as rice, noodles, oil, meat, eggs and milk was normal, and the prices were relatively stable. In response to the recent increase in demand for online shopping, supermarkets in Shenyang have also strengthened their distribution capabilities and improved their contactless distribution capabilities.

Staff from the Marketing Department of a large supermarket chain in Huanggu District, Shenyang City: Faced with the situation of concentrated orders, we will send additional staff to take orders on a full-time basis every shift, and the whole store will To support online order picking.

The reporter learned from the Shenyang business department that at present, there are 205 stores in 11 fresh supermarket chains in Shenyang, which have been stored for 5-7 days for perishable vegetables and 2-3 days for perishable vegetables. The standard of storage volume, double the expansion of the supply reserve, and ensure the supply of vegetables for the residents of the city. Grain, edible oil, meat, aquatic products and other important daily necessities and various types of easy-to-store food have sufficient stocks, smooth supply channels, and stable follow-up supply, which can meet current consumer demand.

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