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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 25 (Reporter Sun Nan) During the 49th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council held in Geneva, the China-Pakistan video seminar with the theme of "the whole process of people's democracy and development experience exchange" was held on the 24th. Held online and offline, politicians, experts and scholars, representatives of think tanks and social organizations from the two countries participated in the discussion.

“Democracy is diverse, and there is no one-size-fits-all unified model on the issue of democracy.” Ai Ping, vice president of the China Association for International Exchange, said that democracy is not a decoration, but in the final analysis, it is used to solve the problems that the people need to solve. To measure whether a country is democratic or not, the key is to see whether it conforms to the will of the people, whether it conforms to the will of the people, and whether it can bring benefits to the people.

Pang Chunxue, Chargé d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, said that after a century of exploration and practice, the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people to find a democratic form that suits China's national conditions—the whole process of people's democracy. The whole process of people's democracy in China not only has a complete system and procedures, but also has a complete participatory practice.

"Democracy is not instant coffee. Democracy takes a period of time to develop." Former Pakistani Foreign Minister Riaz Khohar believes that what a country's democratic system can bring to the people of this country , is the most important question about democracy.

Riyaz Khohar believes that China is on the right path, and China's democracy has improved the well-being of its people. "Countries that accuse China should look in the mirror and see the situation in their own countries."

Nagmana Hashmi, former Pakistani ambassador to China, said that China's democracy is especially important to other countries in the world. There are also lessons for developing countries. "When I visited China, I saw the confidence of the Chinese people in the Communist Party of China and their own country. You can see the confidence of the Chinese people on the street."

Nagmana Hashmi also added Talking about China's efforts to promote the democratization of international relations and the common development of all countries, he said that China has not only achieved its own development, but also helped many countries to develop together. "Pakistan is a typical example, and we are very grateful for the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor project."

For some Western countries to trample international norms under the banner of "democracy" and incite confrontation and division in the world, AI Ping said that we must adhere to fairness and justice, and firmly oppose the use of "democracy" as a tool to bully other countries; we must focus on development, and we must not talk about democracy without development; we must strengthen exchanges and mutual learning between political civilizations and jointly promote the development of human political civilization.

The seminar was co-hosted by the China Association for the Promotion of International Exchanges of Non-governmental Organizations and the Pakistan Institute of Peace and Diplomacy.

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