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The reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Transportation that, according to the decision of the city's leading group for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, a new round of slicing and grid nucleic acid screening will be carried out across the city. From 5:00 on March 28 to 5:00 on April 1, during the closure and control of the first batch of screening areas, what adjustments will be made to Shanghai subways, buses, ferries, cruise taxis and online car-hailing?

Sealed control area: the first batch of screening areas.

Closed and controlled time: 5:00 on March 28 to 5:00 on April 1

Rail transit: All rail transit stations in the closed area are closed and suspended. In addition, the rail transit lines are still in normal operation.

Bus industry: all bus lines in the closed area (the airport line will be arranged separately) will be suspended; the bus lines passing through the closed area will be detoured; the bus lines going to the closed area will be shortened.

Airport Line: Airport Ring Line 1 and Airport Line 8 are out of service; Airport Line 1, Airport Line 2, Airport Line 4, Airport Line 5, Airport Line 9, and Airport Night Supper Line are in normal operation; Airport Line 7 is operated by Pudong Airport will shorten the line to the Longyang Road drop-off station.

Cruise taxis and online car-hailing: It is prohibited to drive and engage in commercial business activities in the closed area (some cruise taxis issued with passes can be operated in Pudong New Area at the Longyang Road Disembarkation Station of Airport Line 7). pick-up business in the region). All cruise car reservation and scheduling platforms and online car-hailing platforms will suspend booking services across the above-mentioned areas.

Road passenger transport: Inter-provincial passenger transport and intra-city chartered vehicles will be suspended in the closed area.

Jinshan Railway: The whole line is out of service.

Huangpu River Ferry and Sandao Passenger Transport: All lines are suspended.

Delayed operation: The subway and ground buses in the closed area will be delayed until 24:00 on March 27.

(Main Station CCTV reporter Sheng Jinyu)

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